In order to request a Middleman you must join LOOT on discord.



To request an Official Middleman,
use the !mm call <@your-trade-partner> command and follow the steps.
Example: !mm call pc @HOST my paypal for his white zomba

List of commands:


Displays this message.

!mm call <@user>

Requests a middleman for the given platform.
Platform can only be pc at the moment.
You also need to mention your trade partner who must be a member of this server.

!mm cancel

Cancels your current MM request.


– LOOT staff will never send you a private message regarding Middleman trades! You should always add the middleman from the message generated by @LOOT on #middleman-call channel.
– If you want to request a Middleman from LOOT, be sure that your trading partner is on the server too. If he is not, just invite him using one of those 2 links: or


Supported trades by our middlemen:
– Rocket League trades that are over the limit and needs more than 1 trade;
– Item(s) certification/color verification;
– Paypal F&F & Bitcoin
be aware that there is always a risk of getting a chargeback when it comes to Paypal transactions
our middlemen are not to blame if chargeback does happen. Use this method on your own risk

– Other game item(s) that can be tracked;
– Steam CD Keys for Games (we do not support using MM for wallet codes);

Unsupported trades by our middlemen:
– Steam wallet codes;
– PaySafeCard or any other alternative money transfer applications or sites.